Working Safely

Safety and working in a safe manner is of vital importance to us. Visiting clients or working on-site we often enter industrial environments. Oil platforms, ships, factories and laboratories each know their specific approach when it comes to safety of personnel and installations.

Wizzo employees follow multiple safety training programs and are are all VCA-VOL (industrial installation safety) and NEN 3140 (electrical installation safety) certified.


Wizzo focuses highly on keeping our knowledge on safety up-to-date on and around the workplace. Wizzo as a company is also VCA*-certified and is periodically audited on our safety policies by external inspection and certification agencies.

Electrical safety NEN3140

NEN3140 is the Dutch standard for electrical safety for working with electrical systems and machines with a nominal voltages up to 1000VAC or 1500VDC.

All our LabVIEW and software engineers are NEN3140 trained and certified. They have knowledge of electrical systems and understand the requirements for making electrical connections and wiring.



When working in oil & gas, industrial or laboratory environments, explosion safety is an important factor. Our engineers are skilled in working in Atex zones and are aware of its requirements.


We regurlaly have so-called ‘Toolbox meetings’ with all employees and sometimes with or at the site of our clients. A toolbox is a way of communicating with both internal and external parties on the working situations and conditions. This allows us to be open and transparent when it comes to saftey and working in a safe way.

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