Vibration Analysis

In industrial manufacturing, production lines or onboard ships, the uptime of the production machinery is important to guarantee continues production. Condition monitoring is an essential tool when it comes to gathering information and increasing uptime and lifetime of machinery.

Fully Automatic Bearing Defects Analysis

Wizzo developed an application that can detect bearing faults using vibration monitoring with state of the art acceleration sensors made by Kistler connected to National Instruments data acquisition hardware. The acceleration sensors are fully automatic placed on the bearing houses by a robotic system. This approach reduces human error and provides stable measurements.

Measuring wear on bearings

While the shafts of the mills or pumps are being propelled, the software analyses the state of each bearing. Generating a complete fingerprint of the bearing, this data is laid over a set of predefined levels analyzing the actual state.

With the results reported, maintenance engineers are advised in replacing the right parts. This way of determinism reduced maintenance costs and improved the lifecycle of production machinery.

All measurements are stored in a database. With measurements related to the unique identifiers of the pumps and mills, historical data provides a complete insight in the lifetime of each bearing.


Vibration Analysis in Rolling Mills

Measuring wear on bearings

In a steel producing company, rolling mills form metal in a specified thickness and shape. New materials and increasing production speed results into new production parameters and plant behavior. With this new elements, an increase in vibrations caused defects on the products.

By analyzing the vibrations on each mill a pattern was discovered relating production speed, material thickness to oscillating behavior. These oscillations not only have impact on the quality and consistence of the product, but also damaged the production system.

Wizzo developed software which inline acquires the vibration signals and analyzes its behavior during the production process. With bar graphs and trending graphs the vibration levels are presented to the operators. This insight allows them to have better control over the production process avoiding damage and reducing downtime.


Reducing Torsional Vibrations on Propeller Shafts

Torsional vibrations on propellor shafts

Wizzo developed a software application which continuously measures the torsional vibration and the torsional torque on a propeller shaft using the T-Sense® Torque Measuring System by VAF Instruments.

When engine rotational speed increases, accelerating the ship, it will pass through the so-called ‘Barred Speed Range’. This barred speed range is the phase, in the acceleration process, where the torsional vibration and the torsional torque are exceeding their nominal ranges.

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Reducing Vibrations on Cutters

Reducing Vibrations on Cutters

Vibrations are considered to be an important factor when it comes to extending lifetime on marine vessels. The impact becomes clear when the effect of the vibrations are measured and analysed. Unwanted or extensive vibrations are marked by service managers as being the number one cause for defects, aging and wear of a production system.

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