Measurements to the Cloud

With measurement systems acquiring analog data, accessing this data from anywhere at any time, is a challenge companies face. Besides getting data in the cloud, having secure connections and the right tools for analysis is of great importance.

Wizzo has developed a cloud framework which is easy to configure and can handle any type of data from any entity or location.


Using the web application, data can be viewed in any way suitable for the clients needs. Generating a quick overview in lists provides a user key information or actual (real-time) alarm levels.

Graph in the cloud

Advanced graphs can be used to display measurement data and other detailed information. The data displayed, provides a complete historical overview. The graph is one of the most powerful tools the application offers. Allowing multiple plots to be displayed in one graph, acquired signals can be related to time or to other data sources, giving insights in complex relations.

When location information is logged, e.g. with marine and GPS solutions, data can be plotted on a map relating its content to any position on earth.


The web application holds a variety of commonly used formulas. Additional custom formulas can be added and reused on other signals or views.


Advanced triggers and alarm levels can be used to pinpoint events in time. Making complex analyses easy with just one mouse click.

Stable platform

Our cloud services run on a stable environment and is managed by our team of certified Microsoft Server engineers. Using high quality redundant Fujitsu servers, we are able to manage huge data loads and maintain high data throughput. Our servers are operative in a well-located data center in the Amsterdam area, protected by Dutch law.

The platform is configured to serve multiple cloud clients. Having its own secure access, each client is completely separated from other instances.


Connecting to our data cloud is only possible by a secure SSL VPN connection. We use state of the art firewalls and VPN connection technology by Juniper to ensure easy and secure access to your data.

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