Motion Control

Combining the LabVIEW Motion utilities and real time controllers, the reaction speed of closed loop and positioning systems can be controlled and managed allowing advanced measurements. By applying a reliable system based on an advanced programming language it is possible to easily connect with overlying production management systems.

Typical applications

For a variety of clients we have developed a diversity of motion controlled systems.

CNC Control with Proxmotion


This application controls multiple axis laser cutters, welding, punching or any other CNC-manufactoring machine using a Galil motion controller. The operator can apply CAM instructions to program the machine.

Using the built-in CAD/CAM solution, CAD drawings are easily converted into the right movements.
For more information, take a look at our solution ‘Cutting Through Steel’.



Wear on Tools

Motion control

When new materials are developed, the effect off this material on existing production tools is critical for its success. The behaviour of wear on tools of different materials is tested at a research centre.

Wizzo developed a software application for an automotive research facility. The software controls an XY-table, on which a tool moves with a fixed force over a material plate. This setup allows for kilometres of wear to be simulated.

Stick-slip effect

Autonomously measuring the wear and the so-called stick-slip effect in just a fraction of time and on as little of material possible, researchers can automate large parts of the research process.



Hydraulic servo control

hydraulic control

In a ceramics research center, Wizzo developed a system for experiments where high speed data collection is essential. When testing the strain of ceramic samples, a load is applied to the sample under an inert atmosphere and temperature.

The load is applied by a hydraulic system which is controlled by National Instruments Compact RIO. Using NI Motion for controlling the fast hydraulic movements, acquiring high speed analog data at the same time.



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