Experiment Results to PI & LIMS

In laboratories and research centers an amount of data is collected with every completed experiment. When logged, it is of importance that this data and its reports are properly related and that they end up in the right place for a researcher to make the accurate analyses.


Currently there are several reliable systems available for handling these challenges, called Laboratory Inventory Management Systems (LIMS). These systems support research centers to efficiently automate large parts of the research processes. This includes sample analysis, prepare and setting up tests, storing data and linking it to sample analyses. For efficient modern research centers, LIMS is almost a required tool given the built-in scheduler, reporting and accessibility.

Some well-known LIMS vendors are:

Data mining on a ship

PI is a system developed by OSIsoft, which provides an infrastructure for managing real-time data and events within a company/enterprise. Within this environment all the data is collected and automatically stored (historized), analyzed, visualized and can be delivered.

PI offers many different ways to communicate and has a number of interfaces available. This makes it possible to collect data from a variety of programs. Therefore, most LIMS can be easily implemented within PI. Besides LIMS, common business systems, including SAP, IBM COGNOS, SAS and Microsoft Office, can communicate directly with PI.

However, dedicated systems, hardware or software solutions do not comply with the PI or any LIMS standard. By default these systems cannot be connected.


For a petrochemical customer, Wizzo has developed a software module that allows data to be written from any LabVIEW application directly into PI. This feature operates besides storing data locally.

The PI-interface, developed in collaboration with PI-specialists, enabling an optimal strategy and allowing fast communication. Based on the implementation complexity and quality of the data the optimal format is automatically selected. Thus a direct link is established between LabVIEW and PI. With this data link, PI retrieves real-time data with a fixed interval from any (real-time) LabVIEW application.

Connecting your device to PI/LIMS

With the connection to PI and LIMS available, we are now able to make a connection with any device. Wizzo is specialized in making connections with independent operating devices and acquiring data from these systems. Dedicated and flexible hardware platforms then provide the ability to connect to both PI, LIMS and your device. Making a total integration possible.

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