Pilot Plants

In laboratory for petrochemical, ceramic and metallurgic research is data analysis, mechanical controls and safety of utmost importance. Wizzo has developed software for measurements and controlling pilot plants. The software has been designed as a framework, allowing us to completely modify the application to the customer’s needs.



A researcher will have a user-friendly PC application. With this application he will be able to observe the pilot plant before, during and after his experiments. The monitor will display a P&ID (Piping & Instrumentation Diagram) of the pilot plant, displaying the values of the used thermocouples, heat tracing, pressure- and flow sensors in real-time.

The current- and historical experiment data can be displayed and exported in a table or graph, allowing the researcher to perform further analysis on the data.


Alarm levels can be configured within the software. By using a C&E (Cause & Effect) diagram, actions can be linked to alarm levels. Opening or closing safety valves for example. Vice versa, gas detection devices can be connected to our software for logging, measurement and display purposes.

Connecting Devices

Gilsons auto sampler

The application is developed in such a way that communication is made possible with (a combination of) external devices, for example Interscience‘s gas chromatographs, Pfeiffer Vacuum‘s mass spectrum meters and Gilson‘s Auto Samplers, an automated syringe and pipetting setup. Data from these and other devices can be logged and displayed in the application.

Our application for pilot plants is currently used by a metallurgic and ceramic client and by a large petrochemical research laboratory.

Using Wizzo Lab Control can be interesting for (fast) lab development.

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