Our solutions are as good as the skills of our programmers and reviewers. Striving for high quality products, we have set standards and a code of conduct to achieve this goal.

At Wizzo we have three important keywords: Knowledge Teamwork and Quality.


Employees of Wizzo are not just experienced software programmers, they are trained in understanding: products, environments, safety, communication, documentation and many more competences.


Teamwork is of essence when it comes to deliver the highest quality in software. Our projects are never conducted by only one person but by a team of at least two qualified software engineers. With multiple engineers actively conducting a software project, engineering functionality, reviewing each others code and performing acceptancy tests on the software, the quality of the code and the stability of our applications are guaranteed.



To comply with design specifications, we developed advanced FAT (Factory Acceptancy Test), SAT (Site Acceptancy Test) and Looptest protocols. Describing the functional and technical requirements is the basis of every project we carry out. Before any bit of code is written, the functionality of the application is described and discussed with our client.

This principal leads to close collaboration with our clients and an effective development strategy.

Areas of expertise

We have expertise in test and measurements solutions. Using intelligent and state of the art tools and software solutions like National Instruments LabVIEW, we are able to meet any customers requirement.

In the wide range of applications we have developed over the years, there are certain fields in which we have extended added value.

Measurements to the Cloud

Wizzo has developed a cloud framework which is easy to configure and can handle any type of data from any entity from any location.

Motion Control

Controlling CNC machines and advanced coordinated moves in laboratory with our Motion Control solutions.

Vibration Analysis

Intelligent measuring can prevent overloading, wear or severe damage on rotating devices.

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