Vibration Monitoring

Intelligent measuring can prevent overloading or severe damage on propeller shafts of a ship.

Reducing Torsional Vibrations on Propeller Shafts

With our expertise on Vibration Analysis, Wizzo developed a software application which continuously measures the torsional vibration and the torsional torque on a propeller shaft using the T-SenseĀ® Torque Measuring System by VAF Instruments.

Barred Speed Range

Barred speed range

When engine rotational speed increases, accelerating the ship, it will pass through the so-called ‘Barred Speed Range’. This barred speed range is the phase, in the acceleration process, where the torsional vibration and the torsional torque are exceeding their nominal ranges.

These forces and the energy from the vibration can cause damage to the propeller shaft and can, in time, break the shaft.

Sailing through the barred speed range for a period of time can be a threat for the continuity and safety of the vessel.


By relating the torsional vibration and the torsional torque to other data like engine speed and temperatures, advanced analysis can be done. The total set of data is the input to the algorithm of our software and presents the status of the vessel and its acceleration. The data is processed in real-time which makes it suitable for direct analyses.

The application is capable to set alarm levels and to respond when exceeding these levels. Moreover, the ‘Early warning’ mode detects early stage damage or fatigue.

reporting real-time data on a bridge


By continuously measuring and guarding the torsional vibration and torque, damage and failure on the propeller shaft can be reduced. The output of the alarm can also be linked to the safety management system on the ship.



Exporting data

The software application features export options to a variety of file types and formats.

exporting to Microsoft Word  exporting to Microsoft Excel  exporting to PDF

Trending in a graph

On the bridge of the vessel, the real-time data can be displayed. The trend of the data will be displayed in a graph. This presentation will show a complete overview allowing to gain more insight. The screen will also display recent alarm levels.

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