Wizzo Lab Control

Test- en measurement system up and running in no-time;

Create recipes or processes using our graphical process editor;

Safe operation with an integrated safety system;

Reduce start-up costs with the “plug and play” concept;

Completely integrated with Wizzo LIMS and Wizzo Cloud!

Introducing awesome features

Wizzo extended the abilities for test- and measurement systems with a new software framework created with National Instruments, LabVIEW. The framework “Wizzo Lab Control” is created for laboratory applications and has powerful controlling and logging capabilities.

Whether it’s an easy or complex pilot plant, any laboratory application can be set up in a short amount of time with Wizzo Lab Control.

Due to the standardized software architecture, the system can be modelled to the specifications of the (end) client, using smart configurators and proven toolkits.

Get started right away

The architecture of Wizzo Lab Control is based on modules which perform their own specific tasks. A module can be an instrument- or device driver or a connector to LIMS, a SQL database or another connected system.

Wizzo has developed an extended library of modules, supporting a diversity of typically used devices and instruments. This saves a lot of time in development and debugging getting the system quickly operational.

Platform independent

Wizzo Lab Control is platform independent and supports currently Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Server, Linux en Linux Real-time. The software runs on both desktop systems as well as industrial hardware such as High Level PLC’s like National Instruments, Beckhoff and Wago.

Diversity of fast and easy functions

The software has a diversity of standard and easy to use functions which are direct accessible. This allows the user to easily configure or select the desired functionality, creating the desired functionality and user interfaces.

Sharing test results? Wizzo Lab Control is optimized for integration with Wizzo LIMS and / or Wizzo Cloud. This allows authorized users to analyze data using an encrypted connection.

Intuitive user experience

Designing the Wizzo Lab Controls user interface, ergonomics and intuitive usage, were key. All functions on the screen are, for example, optimized for touchscreens. Other objects such as controlling buttons are located on positions on the screen that are easy to find and make sense.

This resulted in a design that needs almost no explanation or instruction, making the system a pleasure to use.






Processes and recipes

User interface

Calculations and formulas

User and groups






Special features

Custom functions can easily be integrated into the framework. Our skilled and experienced software engineers can modify the software to comply with the customers wishes. The module based architecture allows us to apply and test modifications in a short amount of time.

The framework is scalable creating an easy to maintain platform increasing the joy of maintenance and extends the lifetime of the software.

Supported instrument and device drivers

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